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For Organizers & Practitioners in the Grief and Death Industry

Dr. Jessica Thomas offers unparalleled expertise in navigating grief and loss. She believes in the transformative power of navigating life’s most challenging experiences with openness and creativity. Her methods are rooted in the principles of death positivity and mindful engagement to inspire meaningful reflection and see life and death through a new lens.

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My Book Is Now Available for pre-order

Choosing Light: Transforming Grief through the Practice of Mindful Photography and Self-Reflection is set to launch July of 2024. You can preorder now. 

The Approach

Dr. Jessica’s philosophy is rooted in 'death positivity'

An approach that views grief and death not as experiences that overshadow life, but as integral parts of the human journey. Dr. Jessica believes in empowering individuals, not just to endure these experiences but to thrive and transform through them. Resulting in people being active participants in their journey of healing and personal growth.

The Method

Explore the Transformative Power of Mindful Photography As Therapy

At the heart of this work lies the practice of Mindful Photography, a method pioneered by Dr. Jessica Thomas. While mindful photography is not therapy, this practice is a therapeutic tool that can be used in therapy or as an independent practice; it’s a way of seeing through a new lens, understanding, and connecting with the world and oneself. It’s about inspiring curiosity and meaning in moments of sorrow and joy alike and using creativity as a bridge to deeper self-awareness and understanding. 

My Services

How We Can Work Together
For Your People

For Organizers & Practitioners in the Grief and Death Industry, whether you’re a counselor, hospice worker, therapist, social worker, art therapist, organization advocate, or volunteer, you can learn directly from Dr. Jessica to integrate creative practices.


Work 1:1 with Dr. Jessica Thomas to bring Within and Without™ Mindful Photography as a practice and program to your facility.

Program Development

Aimed at providing deeper insights into death, grief, and loss, Dr. Jessica’s approach is a unique blend of academic knowledge, creativity as a tool for processing, and a compassionate understanding of the human experience.

Clinical Supervision

Post-graduate clinical supervision, mentorship, and professional consultation for MFTs and LPCs.

Speaking and Events

Through Dr. Jessica’s intimate conversations, realize your full potential in processing grief and tap into your innate creative and imaginative side.


My Book on Grief and Mindful Photography

For those actively grieving as well as for death and grief practitioners and educators, Choosing Light: Transforming Grief through the Practice of Mindful Photography and Self-Reflection will show you how the Within and Without Mindful Photography therapeutic method can be transformative for individuals, groups, and communities.

“Her words are a gift, which when opened, empowers the reader to uncover and make meaning out of often hidden, mysterious layers of personal feelings around death. This book is an awakening that is good for the soul.” – Susan L. Schoenbeck

My Signature program

Within & Without ™

The Within and Without™ Mindful Photography Method is a creative way to explore your grief journey by slowing down and attuning with your environment. The practice can help mediate difficult thoughts and feelings as it brings you into present-moment awareness and inspires a shift toward curiosity.

Serving as a mirror to your grief journey, your images act as a catalyst for meaning making and even personal and transpersonal growth. Authentic insight surfaces as you create meaning based on direct experience and learn how to perceive your experience and trust yourself through the process.

Meet Dr. Jessica Thomas

Creative Paths to Healing

Dr. Jessica Thomas brings a depth of academic and practical knowledge to her work. She holds an MS in Marriage and Family Therapy and a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology. As a professor, she creates coursework and teaches on death and grief, psycho-spiritual development, phenomenological research, and counseling.

Dedicated to raising awareness about death and dying in the wider community, she has served for numerous years on the board of NW Association for Death Education and Bereavement Support, volunteered for hospice and passionately advocates for Death Cafes. Through openness and creativity, she guides individuals and groups on a path of reflection, personal growth, and collective healing.

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