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Dr. Jessica’s speaking engagements and events are multifaceted in purpose: to aid professionals and organizations in helping their clients realize their full potential in processing grief, discovering the transformative power of mindful photography, and tapping into their innate creative and imaginative side. 

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Choosing Light: Transforming Grief through the Practice of Mindful Photography and Self-Reflection is set to launch July of 2024. You can preorder now. 

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Mindful Photography

Death and dying and photography are paradoxically connected since photos present a way to visually suspend time and capture moments that are passing away. The magic that photography alludes to is its connection with present-moment awareness which can, via the camera’s very nature, bring the image maker into that awareness. Explore creativity through Mindful Photography which sees beyond what is “looked” at. The focus is clear seeing and personal resonance.

Integrating Spirituality in Psychotherapy + Transpersonal Psychology

Many ancient traditions speak about transforming suffering into a resource for internal strength and growth. Transpersonal psychology is grounded in the whole human experience: spirituality, higher potential, transcendence, and other states of consciousness. While life experiences can sometimes result in psychological distress, they can also result in positive psychological changes. These positive changes may include the development of new perspectives, personal growth, the cultivation of one’s spirituality, and connecting with something greater than oneself—regardless of religious affiliation.

Grief and Loss

Grief is a human experience and you can experience grief and loss in a multitude of ways: the loss of a loved one, a pet, a relationship, a dream, your body’s functioning, cultural traditions– it’s endless. You can even anticipate loss long before it happens. Understand and integrate this important knowledge in your life via self-reflection therapy. Learn how your own experiences with loss either help or hinder your work with others. Explore how the experience of loss can generate compassion for yourself and others, enriching your capacity to connect and work with others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Jessica Thomas creates workshops for grievers and caregivers, as well as organizations that want to host their own mindful photography program.

Dr. Jessica offers both in-person and online events and speaking engagements. 

I suggest you determine what audience you might fall under: griever, counselor in training, or death and grief organization. If you’re still unsure, you are welcome to reach out for guidance. 

Fees for each event will vary depending on location and topic. Please fill out this form and schedule a Zoom consultation to receive an accurate quote. 

Unlike conventional approaches to photography, Mindful Photography sees beyond what is “looked” at. The focus is clear seeing and personal resonance. Photography, when practiced mindfully, can facilitate an aesthetic experience wherein one learns to temporarily overcome the subject-and-object dichotomy and disconnection. The process of mindful photography involves the acts of receiving, letting go, and learning to wait. You let go of thinking, judging, self-evaluation, clinging, and rejecting and accept whatever comes, good or bad. When photography is practiced mindfully, it can be therapeutic and increase awareness and the capacity to create meaning through our experiences.


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